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About Tupathu English Lyrics

Tupathu from Thallumaala is a popular song whose Lead Vocalist is Shakthisree Gopalan, Tovino Thomas. Its Lyrics Writer is Mu.ri. Here in this article, we will provide Tupathu lyrics in English (Malayalam to English translation) or meaning of the Tupathu song lyrics.

Details About Tupathu Song

Song Name: Tupathu
Movie: Thallumaala
Lead Vocalist: Shakthisree Gopalan, Tovino Thomas
Lyrics Writer: Mu.ri
Instrumentalist / Playactor: Vishnu Vijay / Kalyani Priyadarshan, Tovino Thomas

Tupathu – Thallumaala Lyrics in English (Meaning)

Hey Pathu, Entha Pathu Eppo Chirikk Pathu
Hey, Pathu. Why don’t you smile anymore, Pathu?
Ba Pathu Kelkku Pathu, Anakkulla Pattu Pathu
Come on, Pathu. Listen to me, Pathu! This song’s for you, Pathu!

Jada Manda Pathu Mode Matte Pathu
Stop being haughty, Pathu! Switch your mode, Pathu
Kaduppam Vitto Pathu Sherikku Ketto Pathu
Stop being tough, Pathu! Listen clearly, Pathu!

Ente Aduthekku Engu Poru Pathu
Come to me, come here, Pathu!
Aduppathil Aduthekku Nikku Pathu
Stay close to me, Pathu!

Veruthe Nikkathe Erikku Pathu
Don’t stand! Sit down, Pathu!
Nenjilinne Angadu Thakku Pathu
Dunk me into your heart, Pathu!

Hey Be Pathu Just Be Pathu
Hey, Beepathu! Just be, Pathu!
Ne Eth Cruise-Il Aanenkilum I Know You’Re Crucified
Whatever cruise you may be in I know you’re crucified!
Ante Cottage-Il I Know You Wept Hard
Inside your cottage I know you wept hard!

Ottakku Jathil Pona Hayamala
Although you’re alone on a high peak
Pattuninge My Love
Your soul is crushing high on my love!

I Know That Very Well Pathu
I know that very well, Pathu
Ennittum Enth Ijju Parayathu
Why don’t you tell me then, Pathu!

Don’T You Want Me Pathu, Don’T You Lie Pathu,
Don’t you want me, Pathu? Don’t you lie, Pathu?
You Can’T Live Without Me Pathu
You can’t live without me, Pathu

Ha Baby Habibi
Yeah, baby! My love!
Prema Karalinte Cheruviral Vachu Kuthiya Vedhana Unda
Does it hurt when the little finger of love pokes you?
Nenjinte Vathil Vichakiri Njarangi Karayana Vedhana Unda
Does it hurt when the hinges of your heart thrust in love?

Mindanavathe Thonda Kuzhiyil Swasam Muttana Vedhana
Does it hurt when The feelings down the throat choke you?
Undo Ndavum
It will hurt.

Mathi Pathu Manasilakku Pathu
Enough, Pathu! Feel me, Pathu!
Kuthi Keri Ennalum Karayathu
I don’t cry even when it punctures my soul

Chinthrandu Padichuttum Thiriyathu
I don’t get it, no matter How hard I learn!
Athrakku Thettiyittund Pathu
I’m so out of my mind, Pathu!

Krithiyayitte Chuttittunde Valli Pathu
My heart is so entangled in love, Pathu!
Kathriyitte Murichittum Muriyathu
It doesn’t cut off Even with scissors, Pathu!

Ethra Neram Ente Mizhi Kathu
Since long I’ve waited For a glance of yours, Pathu!
Athra Neram Muthathinte Chiri Kathu
Why don’t you smile then, Pathu?

Ethra Neram Ente Mizhi Kathu
Since long I’ve waited For a glance of yours, Pathu!
Athra Neram Muthathinte Chiri Kathu
Why don’t you smile then, Pathu?

Ayinathra Muja Vere Pathu
You’ve given me so many fortunes, Pathu!
Ayilere Thanije Kore Bare Pathu
Yet, you’ve given me hardships too, Pathu!

Ayinale Kore Kayari Vinju Pathu
I feel so queasy now, Pathu!
Chennale Kadanne Kore Nenju Pathu
My heart pounds when I try to rest, Pathu!

Anne Thedi Pathu Pachal Alle Pathu
I look for you and my quest never ends, pathu!
Pubil Keri Pathu Bottle Thatti Pathu
I’ve been on top And hit rock-bottom, Pathu!

Nee Enne Kathu Njan Ninne Kathu
You save me I save you
Nammale Randalayum Padachavan Kathu
May the Lord Almighty save us!

Ho Ente Ponne
Oh, my dear
Kazhijekkil Entethu Kelkku Ponne
If you’re done, listen to me now, boy!
Ee Pathune Anakku Areela Mone
You don’t really know this Pathu, boy!

I Am An Oil Field Mone
I’m an oil field, boy!
Historical War Zone Mone
A historical war zone, boy!

Antaduth Ullath Pora Mone
What you’ve got ain’t enough, boy!
Verayum Demands Und Mone
I got more demands, boy!

Vettil Kollana Light Mone
Need lines that fit into the meter, boy!
Commakku Full Stop Venam Mone
Need full stops for commas, boy!

Kittanam Chellu Kalanju Mone
Want to get it bugless, boy!
Ekanthathakoppam Avanda Mone
Need supremacy for solitude, boy!

Neymare Ballon d’Or Mone
A Ballon d’Or for Neymar, boy!
India-Yil Petrol Fifty-Kku Mone
Petrol for 50 rupees in India, boy!

Entadukkalle Blah Blah
Don’t start blabbering, boy!
Ente Vaipp Kadakkum Capola
Coppola will make my biopic!

Kandedukkathivalane Ee Blah
I’m someone who isn’t discoverable
Kannadukkan Avatha La La Land
I’m a La La Land you can’t help but peer!

Aduthekku Vanna Bejar Aavum
You’ll be in trouble if you come closer
Entakkan Vanna Damage Aavum
You’ll be damaged If you try to outsmart me!

Anthooda Kayyinnu Vangunna
Shall I give you a peck on your cheek
Monthakku Thannotte Choodulla Oru Umma Mone
Which otherwise receives Only punches from others?

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