Sayonee (Title Track) Lyrics

Sayonee (Title Track) lyrics
by Jyoti Nooran is a latest Bollywood song, that is sung and composed by Jyoti Nooran.
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While Lyrics of the
Sayonee (Title Track) song is
Written by: Alaukik Rahi

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Sayonee (Title Track) Song

Song Name: Sayonee (Title Track)
Singer(s): Jyoti Nooran
Music by: Joy-Anjan
Lyrics: Written by: Alaukik Rahi
Featured / Music Label: Tanmay Ssingh, Musskan Sethi /

Sayonee (Title Track) Song [YouTube]

Sayonee Lyrics – Jyoti Nooran | Title Track

Kala Citha Ishq Da
Ni Tu Khol Jara Padh Le
Pag Pag Pathar Gaye Saiyan
Ni Ve Lai La Sirr Madd De
Ni Ve Lai La Sirr Madd De

Ishq Da Rog Padhio Nahi
Sayonee Sayonee Sayonee

Tere Ishq Da Kureda Jakham
Bhi Deta Hai Maja
Mere Sabar Da Pulinda
Tootne Ko Hai Na Sada
Aaja Aaja Aajaa Haa
Aaja Aaja Aaja

Ruk Se Gaye Kadam
Dekhu Tehri Zameen
Dekhu Tehri Zameen
Aur Koyi Hall Nahi

Sayonee Sayonee

Chain Ik Pal Nahin
Chain Ik Pal Nahin
Chain Ik Pal Nahin
Aur Koyi Hall Nahin

Sayonee Sayonee

Paak Rab Ke Siva
Paak Rab Ke Sivaa
Kya Basarti Bisaat

Aaj Hai Kal Nahi

Chain Ik Pal Nahin
Chain Ik Pal Nahin
Chain Ik Pal Nahin
Aur Koyi Hal Nahin

Sayonee Sayonee

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